Button’s Wharf Farm

Kristin sits down with Diane Button from Button’s Wharf Farm in Glasgow, KY to talk about her high tunnel peppers, cowboy candy, pepper jam, and all her great added value commodities available at the SOKY Marketplace every weekend.

“It’s part of the family farm. My husband was born and raised on this farm.”

“When we built our house over here, in order to get an address for it we had to name the subdivision. So a very good friend of mine suggested that we call it something about a wharf since we were living on Barren River Lake.”

“I start my pepper plants by seed here in the house. I have a plant stand that was recommended to me by my horticulture agent. We seed our trays in February because they do grow slowly. Peppers go really slowly in my opinion. Then, by end of March, we’re ready to place them in the high tunnel.”

“I used to teach school, and I did so for almost 30 years, and that’s public work. Now I like being on the farm. I like taking seeds and putting them in the ground, and I love watching them grow. It never ceases to amaze me.”

Download the recipe for Joanna’s Jalapeño Pepper Poppers here!

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