Eating Over the Rainbow Challenge

JOIN us in our Eating over the Rainbow Challenge! Pick up your FREE items today at the Warren County Cooperative Extension Office!

We are challenging families to eat at least one fruit and vegetable each day, for at least one week during the month of August.

The Eating over the Rainbow Challenge helps make food fun and encourages children and their families to try new foods with our fun and FREE resources!

Pick up your FREE resources TODAY at 5162 Russellville Road Bowling Green, KY.

Complete and return the included evaluation at the beginning of September to receive a FREE LUNCHBOX and incentive items!

Call 270-842-1681 for more information.

Buy Kentucky Fresh

Fruits and vegetables grown locally and sold at the farmers’ market spend more time maturing in the field, and less time on the road. They aren’t picked green and sprayed with hormones to ripen. They are naturally at their peak flavor and nutrition, and ready for your family to enjoy.

When your family has fun selecting fresh and delicious local foods, you help your neighbors on small farms and keep more money in your community. Take time to talk to the farmers and learn about their farms and fresh foods in your area.

Tips for shopping at the Farmers’ Market

· Mind your budget. Before you go, decide how much you have to spend. Bring along a calculator or paper and pencil to track spending. Don’t buy more than you can store safely and eat or preserve before it spoils.

· Bring the kids and let them help pick out some of the fruit and vegetables. They will learn how to shop wisely and might even get excited about trying new foods.

· Arrive early for best selection. Popular items may sell out fast.

· Shop late for best prices. Some farmers will sell items at a lower price, rather than taking them home. Don’t be afraid to bargain.

· Make a lap around the market before making purchases. This will allow you to see which booths have the best quality food for the lowest prices, which vendors accept EBT or nutrition program benefits, or offer promotions such as Double Dollars.

· Keep an open mind. Produce sold at the farmers’ market is usually grown for taste, not appearance. It may look imperfect, but taste great.

· Ask for seconds. Sometimes farmers have good produce that didn’t look good enough to display. Ask if they have seconds that will sell at a reduced rate.

· Buy fruit and vegetables in season. That’s when they’re at the height of quality and lowest price.

· Ask questions. Farmers are usually happy to answer questions about their produce, and they often have good cooking and serving suggestions.

· Buy now, enjoy later. If possible, buy large amounts of produce in season and freeze, can or dry it for winter. Contact the local Extension Office for information on food preservation.  

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