Go “Greens”! Meet Sunny Point Gardens

Joanna and Kristin visit Sunny Point Gardens to discuss their wide variety of fresh salad offerings and micro-greens. Learn how these crops are planted, grown, harvested, cleaned and processed, ready to sell and ready-to-eat right out of the packaging!

“We basically specialize in lettuce and salad greens. We also do cut flowers.”

“We felt like we needed to come up with a way to grow lettuces and salad greens year round, so we decided to do what we call controlled environment agriculture in greenhouses where we heat and cool them.”

“We try to keep everything out of our greenhouses, all the insects and diseases, so we never have to spray anything on our crop. It’s produced in a clean environment. Everything that we bring to market is washed, and dried, and bagged up. It’s 100% useable and ready to serve!”

“I tell people I put my boots on really quick in the morning, but they take a lot longer to take them off in the evening. I’m really tired, but I’m ready to go again the next morning.”

“We really enjoy our customers. We have made some of the best friends, lifelong friends, through farming. It makes the hard work worth it…”


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