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Instead of asking “Why have hanging baskets?” the question should be “Why not?”  Hanging baskets are a great way of creating a tidy, clean and professional looking outdoor area whether it’s for your own back garden or the entrance to an office.  Hanging baskets are great way to bring color to your entryway, porch and patios.  You have numerous types of baskets to choose from including solid plastic ones with water reservoirs, woven wicker baskets for an earthier, homemade feel or wire framed ones for a more modern touch. Any way you look at it, hanging baskets are a great place to get creative!  You can go with strictly plants, flowers or a mixture of the two.  You can choose from a single color or a variety of colors to bring more pizazz.  A great place to shop for your hanging basket or baskets is Clark Landing Nursery.

Vickie Fishburn’s husband grew tobacco plants on water and she decided to try her hand at raising flowers this way.  This is how Clark Landing Nursery began.  The business is located at 1014 North Clark Landing Road in Bowling Green.  The nursery opens in April and remains open throughout the summer.  You may also find them at the Bowling Green Original Farmers Market in front of Hobby Lobby. Her business has continually grown over the years.  She now has a large selection of hanging baskets, ferns, mixed containers and herbs in addition to the traditional vegetable plants.

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Geraniums are great for hot, sunny spots and they pair well with ivy and cascading flowers.  For cooler shady areas you cannot go wrong with fuchsias, these gorgeous plants are unmatched in elegance and for an added bonus; hummingbirds love them. Make bold statements by using bright and bold plants such as daisies, marigolds and petunias.  For a softer look, try pairing swan daisies with an asparagus fern.  Impatiens are another good choice for baskets either alone or mixed with other plants and/or flowers.  While geraniums and petunias are classic favorites don’t be afraid to mix in new or unusual plants and flowers as well.  Create your own basket by picking your favorite color or creating an interest by using rich colors and adding various plants.

Ferns are also perfect for baskets or containers and last a long time.  They have tubes for carrying food and water throughout plant and their leaves contain chlorophyll, a pigment for making food.  Instead of colorful blooms, ferns offer graceful, delicate fronds and a refreshing greenness.  Their color ranges from bright green to dark almost blue-green to pale yellow-greens.  Their fronds vary widely as well, from feathery plumes and divided fronds(leaves) to undivided fronds and variegated colors. With so many choices, gardeners are sure to find one fern to complement their garden.

Commonly grown hanging plants include ferns, fuchsia, impatiens, New Guinea impatiens, geraniums, petunias, verbenas, bacopa, lantana and many more.

With such a wide variety to choose from feel free to drop by and purchase your basket or baskets to enhance your outdoor area.  Clark Landing Nursery is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am-6pm and on Wednesday from 8am-4pm. Sunday hours are from 1-5pm.  Find them at the Bowling Green Original Farmers Market on Saturdays.  Check them out on Facebook at Clarks Landing Nursery & Ponds Plus

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How to prepare a hanging basket:

  • Select a basket
    • Consider what will fit with your décor
  • Line the basket
    • Sphagnum moss
    • Polythene
  • Choose good soil
    • Add a slow-release fertilizer and mix well before filling the basket
  • Select strong plants that are appropriate for growing in a basket
    • Arrange large plants first and tuck in smaller plants around these including cascading plants at the edge
  • Hang well
    • Once basket is filled with soil and plants, it is heavy. Be sure to have a sturdy surface to stand on for hanging
  • Keep watered

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