Reasons to Leave the Fall Leaves in the Kentucky Landscape

It’s officially Fall now in Kentucky, and the leaves are beginning to fall to the ground. What is your motto for fallen leaves? Do you bag them up and put them near the street? Do you recycle them and re-use them in your garden to enhance the soil? Or do you simply do nothing with them and let mother nature take care of the leaves. Well, in this episode of the Sunshine Gardening Podcast, I chat with wildlife biologist Shannon Trimboli and podcaster of Backyard Ecology, to get her perspective on reasons why it is important to leave the fallen leaves in the landscape. Shannon goes on to explain other reasons for leaving the fall leaves as well as tips for finding the balance for fallen leaves in the garden and landscape. To hear more on those thoughts, stay right here for more on the Sunshine Gardening Podcast! 

Shannon Trimboli

Guest- Shannon Trimboli

Wildlife Biologist and Podcaster for Backyard Ecology

I hope that you enjoyed our discussion today about leaving the fall leaves with guest Shannon Trimboli! To see Shannon’s blog articles and podcast from Backyard Ecology, which was mentioned in today’s show, make sure to see the show notes for episode 23 by visiting me on the blog at Warren County Agriculture. You can find me at  

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