UK 2015 Forage Variety Trials Now Available


Each year, hundreds of forage varieties are tested for everything from yield to grazing tolerance. Varieties of Alfalfa, Red and White Clover, Orchard grass, Tall Fescue, Ryegrasses, Timothy, Kentucky Bluegrass, Festulolium, Sorghum-Sudan, Pearl Millet, Wheat, Forage Oats and others are entered by seed companies in multiple tests in Lexington, Princeton, and Quicksand to evaluate performance throughout Kentucky. Many have found that the “2015 Long-Term Summary of Kentucky Forage Variety Trials” provides the easiest way to choose the best variety. In it, the variety performance of all of these species is summarized over the last 15 years. Results are published by Gene Olson, Dr. Ray Smith and others in a series of reports. Reports can be found at or you can come by the Warren County Extension Office and pick up a copy!

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